Cisco 810-440 Certification Questions

Cisco 810-440 certification questions are helpful in your exam preparation. Share some Cisco 810-440 certification questions below.

Which two benefits are provided by the Cisco Business architecture approach?
A. It provides high degree of interaction with business leaders and stakeholders.
B. It enhances post-sales technical support capabilities.
C. It allows customers to achieve measurable business value
D. It allows the sale of technology-specific products and software.
E. It enables the discussion of data center technologies with the customer
Answer: BD

Within the Cisco business architecture which three factors are considered by organizations when they execute on strategy?
A. Environment, execution, resources
B. Execution, strategy, vision
C. Execution, timeframe, outcome
D. Environment, resources, timeframe
E. Environment, timeframe, vision
Answer: E

Which two benefits of using a Cisco Business Architecture methodology are true?
A. It determines the low-level design for network infrastructure.
B. It provides project management of a complex technology deployment
C. It enhances the way Cisco does business with its customers
D. It supports the client IT department to define the technology architecture.
E. It drives larger and more profitable results for customers, Cisco and partners.
Answer: BE

Which type of engagement occurs at the business solutions maturity level?
A. Partial business engagement
B. multidomain technology engagement
C. Single-domain technology engagement
D. Business first engagement
Answer: D

Which activities are conducted by the Cisco business architect?
A. Configure data center and network equipment
B. Present technology-based solutions to the customer
C. Engage with the customer’s technical teams.
D. Analyze the business, and establish credibility and rapport.
Answer: B

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