[CertQueen] Huawei H11-861 HCNP-VC dumps

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Share HCNP-VC H11-861 questions and answers below:

MCU in the fence mode, which of the following should be registered to the GK.
A. GE1 port
B. GE1 or GE0 both OK
C. FE port
D. GE0 port
Answer: D

Which layer does the Q.931 bear on?
D. Data Link Layer
Answer: B

In H.460 signaling interworking scenario ( ).
A. public network terminals using H.460 protocol communication
B. private network terminals using H.460 protocol to communication
C. public and private networks terminals using the standard H.323 protocol communication
D. None of the above is correct
Answer: D

video service, if the public network calls for the private network
failed then it can work as a private network call public network. What
kinds of public and private network crossing technology it may use?
(Choose two answers)
A. Static NAT
D. H.460
Answer: BD

Which of the followings belong to extension request? (Choose 3 answers)
Answer: ABD

Which of the following functions does MP mainly complete? (Choose two answers)
A. code stream forwarding
B. Call
C. Rate Adaptation
D. Conference Control
Answer: AC

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