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Share some Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions 70-533 exam questions and answers below.
Your company has a subscription to Azure. You plan to deploy 10 websites.
You have the following requirements:
– Each website has at least 15 GB of storage.
– All websites can use azurewebsite.net.
You need to deploy the 10 websites while minimizing costs.
Which web tier plan should you recommend?
A. Free
B. Small Business
C. Standard
D. Basic
Answer: C

You manage an Azure Web Site named contosoweb.
Some users report that they receive the following error when they access contosoweb:
¡°http Status 500.0 – Internal Server Error.¡±
You need to view detailed diagnostic information in XML format.
Which option should you enable? To answer, select the appropriate option in the answer area.


You manage an Azure Active Directory (AD) tenant You plan to allow users to log in to a third-party application by using their Azure AD credentials. To access the application, users will be prompted for their existing third-party user names and passwords. You need to add the application to Azure AD.Which type of application should you add?
A. Existing Single Sign-On with identity provisioning
B. Password Single Sign-On with identity provisioning
C. Existing Single Sign-On without identity provisioning
D. Password Single Sign-On without identity provisioning
Answer: D

You manage a cloud service that is running in two small instances. The cloud service hosts a help desk application. The application utilizes a virtual network connection to synchronize data to the company’s internal accounting system.
You need to reduce the amount of time required for data synchronization.
What should you do?
A. Configure the servers as large instances and re-deploy.
B. Increase the instance count to three.
C. Deploy the application to Azure Web Sites.
D. Increase the processors allocated to the instances.
Answer: A

You manage an Azure Service Bus for your company. You plan to enable access to the Azure Service Bus for an application named Contoso LOB.
You need to create a new shared access policy for subscriptions and queues that has the following requirements:
– Receives messages from a queue
– Deadletters a message
– Defers a message for later retrieval
– Enumerates subscriptions
– Gets subscription description
In the table below, identify the permission you need to assign to ensure that Contoso LOB is able to accomplish the above requirements. Make only one selection in each column.


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