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Share some CASP CAS-002 exam questions and answers below.
The technology steering committee is struggling with increased requirements stemming from an increase in telecommuting. The organization has not addressed telecommuting in the past. The implementation of a new SSL-VPN and a VOIP phone solution enables personnel to work from remote locations with corporate assets. Which of the following steps must the committee take FIRST to outline senior management¡¯s directives?

A. Develop an information classification scheme that will properly secure data on corporate systems.

B. Implement database views and constrained interfaces so remote users will be unable to access PII from personal equipment.

C. Publish a policy that addresses the security requirements for working remotely with company equipment.

D. Work with mid-level managers to identify and document the proper procedures for telecommuting.

Answer: C

A new piece of ransomware got installed on a company’s backup server which encrypted the hard

drives containing the OS and backup application configuration but did not affect the deduplication data

hard drives. During the incident response, the company finds that all backup tapes for this server are also

corrupt. Which of the following is the PRIMARY concern?

A. Determining how to install HIPS across all server platforms to prevent future incidents

B. Preventing the ransomware from re-infecting the server upon restore

C. Validating the integrity of the deduplicated data

D. Restoring the data will be difficult without the application configuration

Answer: D

A company has received the contract to begin developing a new suite of software tools to replace an aging collaboration solution. The original collaboration solution has been in place for nine years, contains over a million lines of code, and took over two years to develop originally. The SDLC has been broken up into eight primary stages, with each stage requiring an in-depth risk analysis before moving on to the next phase. Which of the following software development methods is MOST applicable?

A. Spiral model

B. Incremental model

C. Waterfall model

D. Agile model

Answer: C

A completely new class of web-based vulnerabilities has been discovered. Claims have been made that all common web-based development frameworks are susceptible to attack. Proof-of-concept details have emerged on the Internet. A security advisor within a company has been asked to provide recommendations on how to respond quickly to these vulnerabilities. Which of the following BEST describes how the security advisor should respond?

A. Assess the reliability of the information source, likelihood of exploitability, and impact to hosted data. Attempt to exploit via the proof-of-concept code. Consider remediation options.

B. Hire an independent security consulting agency to perform a penetration test of the web servers. Advise management of any ¡®high¡¯ or ¡®critical¡¯ penetration test findings and put forward recommendations for mitigation.

C. Review vulnerability write-ups posted on the Internet. Respond to management with a recommendation to wait until the news has been independently verified by software vendors providing the web application software.

D. Notify all customers about the threat to their hosted data. Bring the web servers down into ¡°maintenance mode¡± until the vulnerability can be reliably mitigated through a vendor patch.

Answer: A

Which of the following activities is commonly deemed ¡°OUT OF SCOPE¡± when undertaking a penetration test?

A. Test password complexity of all login fields and input validation of form fields

B. Reverse engineering any thick client software that has been provided for the test

C. Undertaking network-based denial of service attacks in production environment

D. Attempting to perform blind SQL injection and reflected cross-site scripting attacks

E. Running a vulnerability scanning tool to assess network and host weaknesses

Answer: C

A security policy states that all applications on the network must have a password length of eight characters. There are three legacy applications on the network that cannot meet this policy. One system will be upgraded in six months, and two are not expected to be upgraded or removed from the network. Which of the following processes should be followed?

A. Establish a risk matrix

B. Inherit the risk for six months

C. Provide a business justification to avoid the risk

D. Provide a business justification for a risk exception

Answer: D

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